an idiot in london

April 2001

Tuesday, 3rd April 2001.

The company I'm working for has two offices in Mayfair. I had to trot over to the other office this afternoon to collect some papers. (The Sun and The Daily Sport.) The receptionist was an older lady, and awfully nice. Maybe it's my natural charm? No, must be my brooding good looks.

Anyway, (or as they say in Canada, anyways) I had to sign in as a visitor. On my way out I said to the receptionist "Do you need this back?" indicating my visitor pass.
"Oh yes, we need that so we know not to look for you in the fire," she replied.
"So you're having a fire this afternoon? That's so organised!" I remarked as I handed over my pass. She gave me a bemused smile. I continued: "In Australia we wouldn't plan to have a fire, we'd just have an ad hoc one, y'know, one to take the locals by surprise."

Another thing: I met the IT support guy the other day, and he was telling me that word had got around the other office that there was a male secretary in my office! (that's me.) Ah, Fame On A Small Scale, how can I resist your warm embrace?

(yes readers, I'm just as deluded as ever)