an idiot in london

April 2001

Wednesday, 11th April 2001.
What's goin' on?

Quick summary of life on planetian at the moment:

  • still homeless (been homeless since returning from North America)

  • sleeping on the floor at Damy's place at the moment

  • no humourous adventures while flat-hunting...been meeting some rather average people

  • umm, the toenail on my right big toe is about to fall off...

  • the new is coming along nicely

  • (how long have I been saying that?)

  • still working as a PA in the glamorous world of Property Development or whatever the hell they actually do here. Y'know, I've been transcribing tapes for a few weeks, typing letters, all that, yet I STILL have Absolutely No Idea what they do here. As far as I can work out all they do is go to meetings and dictate letters for me to type.

  • I am in desperate need of a visit to the Chop Shop

  • a reference to "national cleavage week" has resulted in many misguided souls visiting in the hope of seeing boobies

  • there are no boobies here

  • nor any photos of Anna Kournikova

  • certainly not any photos of Anna Kournikova nude