an idiot in london

April 2001

Monday, 23rd April 2001.

Sooner or later someone was bound to take issue with one of my little rants. Today I received an email defending the staff of McDonalds. I'm a fair man, so I've decided to reproduce the letter in full and unedited. (You might want to refresh your memory first.)

Dear Idiot in London,

You were complaining about the service at McDonalds, I work at McDonalds and will inform you of a few things.

Firstly, no-one earning simply award wage appreciates being verbally bashed whilst providing a service to an ungrateful public. I hear more people say "I want..." rather than "I would like".

Secondly, understand that our place of work is very noisy, and for someone on the other side, you don't get all the background noise, and after one or two hours of it, you get hot, bothered, and can't hear customers who don't speak up.

If the person who served you had a customer before that had to wait for a filet, then he would be constantly thinking of getting a filet for a customer when it came up, and temporarily thought it was you when he/she walked past the production bin.

The server may have just received their first badge, which believe it or not, to a young and impressionable person keen to impress managers and co-workers is quite exciting.

Customers have no right to go crazy when orders are mixed up, speaking from experience, 99% of the time, it is the customers fault for not realising what they have said, and sticking with what they "thought" they said, or because they are ignorant of many promotions etc. They don't talk loud enough, they are unspecific, and finally they are completely indecisive.

If you want quality service for the entire time your at Maccas, then don't diss hard working people, who work exhausting long shifts for minimum wages. Put yourself on the other side of the counter you disrespectful man. Instead, acclaim these youths for getting out there! Do you have a job?

Think of what is may be for other people before you complain. You think you have to complain, coz a virtual "srvant" mixed up your precious order? Think yourself lucky that you can march into a building and "demand" food, and service....try living as an Etheopian, or Somalian. They would be grateful for the mistake, for the Filet, for anything. You live a life of luxury compared to some people, so don't complain, when your luxury slips just one notch.

Good Day, I hope you have read this with an open mind.