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Sunday, 13th August.
Merry Men

Overnight rains put paid to my Peak District plans for today. The walk I wanted to do today involved crossing fords and things like that, and I just didn't have the footwear for it. So I made alternative arrangements.

I went to Sherwood Forest!

But first of all I had to ring my Mum and find out the footy scores. Melbourne won? You're joking!

Sherwood Forest is real enough. Not much of it is left, but enough for a good walk around. The visitor centre is a sight to behold - gaudy. I strolled about the visitor centre, then embarked on a walk around the forest. On one side of the forest is an army firing range, and you can hear the cracks of the rifles.

I walked in splendid isolation. The longer walk is shunned by most, who opt for a shorter walk designed for old buggers and young children.

Once I had had my fill of Sherwood Forest, I headed south to the town of Edwinstowe. According to legend, Robin Hood married Maid Marian in Edwinstowe Church. I visited St Mary's Church, in the centre of Edwinstowe, and had a chat with the elderly pair of volunteers acting as guides and conversationalists. The church itself dates back to the 1100s, with various additions and improvements made since. Not a large church, I was staggered to learn that it costs 115 per day to maintain the church.

On the drive home I listened to the Charity Shield (it's a soccer match) on the radio. I passed under an overpass which had "GIVE ME INSPIRATION" spray painted across it. After the full-time whistle I put my Primal Scream CD back on.

...this is Gorgeous, signing off