an idiot in london


Sunday, 10th December.
Bitch & Whine

Bitch and Whine sounds like the name of a pub. "Just popping down to the Bitch & Whine for a pint, fancy joining us?"

As promised (threatened?) I'm going to continue complaining about my flatmates. The Couple.

1 Brendan is a bit washing up shy. Bear in mind that I'm not exactly Mr Washing-Up. (She was a Washing, he was an Up, all of a sudden they're Washing-Up.) (think about that one) (maybe don't) So for me to think him tardy gives you an idea of how slack he is.

2 They call each other darling. Oh please. Bring me a bucket. (Could be worse - they could call me darling.)

3 I feel like I'm an intruder in my own home. Tonight they were sitting in the living room, watching tv, sipping red wine (toffs!) and I felt distinctly unwelcome. So I slinked off to my room. (Audience: ohhhhhhhh)

Stay tuned for more bitchin' and whinin'.