an idiot in london


Saturday, 23rd December.
Boring Boring Boro

Today I went to my first match at White Hart Lane - the home of the Wildly Unpredictable Tottenham Hotspur! (WUTH) I went with Cam, who I met at the Walkabout a few weeks ago (it was the only place I could find that was showing the Australia vs Scotland soccer match) where he was wearing his Carlton Soccer Club shirt. Turns out he's a supporter of the WUTH as well.

(I met up with Cam and Damy at a pub on Monday night. We watched the WUTH vs Arsenal match, then sat about in the pub pontificating. The subject turned to the misfortune of Carlton Soccer Club, and I started getting all angry, just like when people start discussing the Australia vs Iran World Cup qualifier from November 1997. So now, Carlton Soccer Club, and the folding thereof, is not to be mentioned in my presence.)

We found our seats, right at the back of the East Stand. There was a quartet sitting on my right who could well have been living in Fulham. They dressed and sounded like it.

The match itself was ridiculously dull, with visitors Middlesborough intent on gaining a "valuable away point", and the WUTH looking impotent in attack. Result 0-0. And a boring 0-0 at that. The match was punctuated only by daft comments from the twits on my right. It was not unlike when you go to the cricket and there's someone in the crowd who doesn't understand the game at all (not that there's any shame in that...) who sits there for the whole day asking "Why did they do that? So why didn't they run then? Who's that? What's he bringing on? Why don't the umpires change ends too?"