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Dublin: October 2000
Oooh Ian you're such a jetabout

Three days in Dublin. Minimal damage.

One thing I omitted to mention in my Dublin entries is that every pedestrian in Dublin does their darndest to throw themselves in front of a passing car. "Death Wish Pedestrianism". There are pedestrian lights (green walking man, red not walking man, blipping noises, all that) but they are universally ignored. Dubliners will cross the road wherever and whenever they choose. Regardless of traffic! They just walk out in front of cars and buses alike, and expect the traffic to stop for them! What's all that about, I asked Niamh. Well, says Niamh, they've only recently made jaywalking illegal, and they don't really enforce that law. I pointed out that it's often a good idea to avoid getting hit by a car, just as a self-preservation measure, and a good way to avoid getting hit is by NOT JUMPING OUT IN FRONT OF CARS. But I'm from the country, what would I know.

(I've had my photos from Dublin developed, but haven't had a chance to scan any yet. Alas no photos of any Dublin Pedestrians.)