an idiot in canada


Monday, 26th February 2001.
Bug Zoo

The Bug Zoo is one of the prime attractions of Victoria. All manner of bugs from all over the world are kept there. And you can handle some of the bugs if you want to. I declined, because one false move from one of the wee bastards could've resulted in me squashing 'em.

Also they freak me out.

I took the scenic route back to Noelle's place, and I ran into her youngest brother, Dylan, playing street hockey with a friend. Dylan yelled to his friend, "He's from Australia, and he's never heard of an Oh Henry bar!"
"No way!" his friend said.
"Ask him!" prompted Dylan.
"Haven't you ever heard of an Oh Henry bar?"
I reached into my pocket and pulled out an empty Oh Henry bar wrapper. "I had one this afternoon!" I said.
"Alright!" said Dylan.

Here's a photo of a rabbit eating an Oh Henry! bar.

what the...hey this ain't no carrot