an idiot in canada


Wednesday, 28th February 2001.
Shake rattle and roll

I hadn't been out of bed long when the phone rang. It'd have to be Noelle.
"Who is it?"
There was a pause. Crikey, I thought, maybe it isn't Noelle! then I heard Noelle's voice on the other end of the line, "It's...the milkman!"

We were chatting away about I don't know what, and I heard a noise. At first I thought it was the people in the flat above moving furniture, then I thought it might be a truck going by outside. But the noise kept going and kept getting louder.
"What's that noise?" I asked Noelle. Just then things started to rattle.
"That's an earthquake," replied Noelle in an unflappable voice.
"Oh," I said as the rattling started to crescendo and I could actually see the fixtures and fittings moving.
"Do you know what to do?"
"Hell no, I've never been in an earthquake before!" I said.
"Get under a table or in a doorway."
"Right. Hey I can see the whole doorway moving!" I realised that this might be serious and I shouldn't be thinking that it was kinda cool.

The rumble died away. "Well there you go," I said, "My first earthquake!"

And what a week of firsts it's been! First time skiing, first time to the ballet, first time in an earthquake, and this afternoon I went to see my first IMAX show.

It was my last night in Victoria, and Noelle and I went to a soccer match. What a classy pair, I hear you say. Well it was a CONCACAF U-20 World Cup group qualifying match: Canada versus their traditional rivals Honduras! They insisted on calling Canada "Team Canada". Good grief.

(Final score Canada 1 - Honduras 0, scorer Julian DeGuzman in the eighth minute.)