an idiot in canberra


February 4 - 8.
The Kerr siblings

It has been a couple of years since all three Kerr siblings were in the same State, let alone the same room.

It was all too much for Gary, Rachel's husband. He hid rather than face our combined eccentricities. Wise man.

Four days of in-jokes ensued. In-jokes that go back decades, and would take far too long for me to explain.

But something I can share with you, my gentle reader, is something that happened on the way from Canberra to Launceston. Well, it wasn't so much a happening as a sighting. I was sitting in the club lounge at Melbourne Airport, talking to someone on the phone, when who should walk past but Pauline Hanson! But she didn't recognise me. (memo to self: sack publicist!)