an idiot in tasmania


February 8 - 14.
Where it all began

Ah, Tasmania! As I walked across the runway from the plane to the terminal the familiar blended aroma of gum leaves and aircraft fuel filled my nostrils. I must be home!

And indeed I was. Rod and his two tow-headed kids met me at the airport. Crikey Rod, they have grown! Well you have been away for a year. Thomas and Grace provided non-stop entertainment from the back seat of the car all the way back to Launceston.

Yes, Launceston! Sunny Launceston! Home of David Boon, (Brilliant Youngster) Ricky Ponting, and Boag's beer. In that order.

Things I did:

  • had a barbecue at Grada's new house (there, Grada! I mentioned it!)

  • got asked for ID by some dimwitted bouncer at a second-rate pub ("I'm twenty-six!")

  • drove to Hobart then back to Launceston via the east coast, waving to my loyal subjects along the way

  • visited more friends and relatives than you can shake a stick at