an idiot in london

February 2002

Monday, 11th February 2002.

You may recall that in July last year I was asking if anyone knew what Nudge of Hey Dad! was up to. Well! Six months later I had a response! Isn't the internet fantastic?

Anyway, a bloke (who we'll call "Parko"), has come up with this gem:
"I noticed you were interested in the current whereabouts of Nudge. A couple of years ago I visited an establishment where young ladies are encouraged to display their dancing skills (among other things). Christopher "Nudge" Truswell was a spruiker inside the place. To top it off his offsider who filled in for him during breaks in play was Simon, whose real name escapes me. Nudge has since gone on to bigger and better things and will star in the next Star Wars movie as '"various." Bless him."

Ah yes, Nudge. Take away the "g" and you have Nude.

The people of Australia have an unquenchable thirst for Nudge, and few will forget the emotional scenes outside television studios across the nation after the announcement that Nudge was going the way of the dodo. People stop me in the street and say "Give us a dollar", and I reply "Only if you can give me some info on Nudge." Then their eyes mist up - bless those homeless folk - and they recall with great fondness the days when they had a television and One Character truly brought that bunch of wires and a cathode ray tube to life: Our Nudge.