Intellectual banter with the Elite

It was about 6am, and there was a garbage truck in Lonsdale Street collecting garbage, strangely enough. Actually there was a bloke hanging off the back who would jump down and do the business with the rubbish bins.

ANYWAY, there was a sign on the back of the garbage truck - "CAUTION - VEHICLE CONTINUOUSLY STOPPING". I said to the North supporters gathered around me "That's impossible." Blank looks.

"A vehicle cannot be continuously stopping." More blank looks. I could see this was going to be a tough one.

"In order for a truck to stop, what does it have to do?" I was informed that I could do with some sleep.

"It has to go in order to stop, right?" I was fighting a losing battle.

"So if it's going, then it's not stopping, therefore it's not continuously stopping. A vehicle cannot be continuously stopping. Once it's stopped, it's stopped."

I was politely asked to leave.