an idiot in germany


Monday, 23rd October.

Had breakfast this morning with pretty much everyone I had met at the hostel. There was Keith and Andrew the Canadians, the Canadian girls and their New Zealand friend who went to dinner with us last night, and the bloke from Bundaberg. (another bloody psuedo-surfie! Reminded me of how the Australian landscape is littered with the likes of him!)

I took the Inter-City Express from Munich to Hannover. The train was incredibly punctual, and travelled Bloody Fast.

The sky was rapidly darkening as I arrived at the youth hostel. After a shower (high degree of need there) I headed back into town to suss it all out. Have I mentioned why I'm in Hannover? The climate perhaps? The cheery populace? The robust thighs of the Hannover Scorpions' cheerleaders? All shall be revealed tomorrow!

Having bought myself a gyros for tea (or "dinner" as those city slickers call it), I took the tram back to the hostel. (The trams go underground in the city centre!) In my room I met a couple of German blokes who initially thought me to be American. I soon set them straight, and they ended up taking me to a local bar for a drink or two. Mark and Kai (for those were their names) complimented me on my accent (just wanted to mention that!) but we spent most of the evening speaking English. Mark is going to save the world with solar power!

But will he save us from the ladies of the "Flying Devils"?

you could crack walnuts with those