an idiot in germany


Tuesday, 24th October.

EXPO2000 - that's the reason for my visit to Hannover!

Mark and Kai were heading out to the Expo site as well. They were horrified when I forced the door on the suburban train that took us out to the site. "People get stuck in those doors and can have very serious accidents," said a stunned Mark.
"Don't worry about it," I said with the cheerfuless of the foolish, "I've been forcing doors on trains all over the world!"

    Instead of boring you with my views on every single pavilion I visited, I will make a few observations. (hmm, observations of life overseas, sounds like a good idea for a website)

  • Australian pavilion was rubbish! People at the entrance saying "G'Day" in a really poor accent, bloody awful stereotypes of Australia, hardly a mention of Tasmania! And not one mention of David Boon! Diabolical. Oh the shame.

  • No mention of narcotics at the Netherlands exhibit

  • The three themes were supposed to be Humankind, Nature, Technology. In practice the themes for the pavilions seemed to be either "Things are great!", "Things are getting better!", or "Things were bad, then we had a revolution, and now things are still pretty ordinary."

  • At the end of the day, they showed the German version of "Funniest Home Videos" on one of the big screens!