an idiot in germany


Wednesday, 25th October.

I had planned to do this entry in rhyming couplets, but you try and find something that rhymes with Heidelberg!

So, in a very dull and unimaginative narrative style: I wandered around Hannover, looked at stuff, took photos of stuff, took the train to Heidelberg, sat in the smoking section by mistake, moved to non-smoking, got to Heidelberg, checked in at youth hostel, got put in a girls room, then was given a different room much to my chagrin, went back into Heidelberg, as I got off the bus I met a girl called Kirstin, she invited me to an organ recital (keep it clean kids) at Peterskirche, it turned out to be a reading interspersed with pipe organ pieces played with gusto, middle-class arty types in the main, they all speak English, Kirstin is from Koln (Cologne) and spent seven months in Australia picking fruit (that's a lot of fruit) and is studying music and German, I'm just an idiot in Heidelberg.

And she gave me a dodgy email address. Oh well.