The Pre-Game Ritual

Friday night

10:30pm Go to bed, need to be fresh for the big day!
10:32pm Forgot to clean teeth, get up and clean teeth
10:35pm Better floss as well
10:45pm Weak bladder - nature calls!


2am Wake up, stare at clock for an hour
3am Decide that as long as I'm awake, I may as well watch Rage
3:03am Realise that there are only so many "The The" film clips I can bear
3:04am Remember that Footy Marathon is on Channel 7
3:10 Fall asleep watching Collingwood get beaten...again
Sometime between
4am and 6am
Stumble back into bed, sleep fitfully dreaming of Football Glory
8:30am Wake up, realise I'm running late for photography job
12:30pm Finish photography job, zoom back home to get changed into Superstitious Football Clothes
1:15pm Arrive at MCG, ready for Slick Pre-Game Entertainment
3pm Ian crosses The Line