an idiot in london


Friday, 7th July.
Spot #2

I'd love to tell you how I went to the gala opening of the London Australian Film Festival and rubbed shoulders with all the stars and glitterati, but in the end only two celebrities turned up: Rod Skase and Tom Proctor from the Bill.

Just a side note: does anyone else remember the tragedy that was Schweppes Cola? Well here in England Virgin Cola is currently doing the rounds. Undrinkable rubbish that it is.


  • Film-maker types/wannabes swanning around talking in posh voices.

  • Grant walking around wearing his suit, a copy of the Sun stuffed in his pocket.

  • Ian wearing usual sloppy clothes, pretending to be an independent film-maker "Oh yes, I'm hoping to get Bryan Brown on board so we can get some distribution darling."

  • Heath saying someting to one of the blokes from the Bill while we're in the lift.

  • And looking well pleased with himself!

  • Oh yeah, Heath's yet another Tasmanian

  • Bloke with a pair of Massive Sideburns - "look his eyebrows have come down for a drink"