an idiot in london


Saturday, 8th July.

Sharon and I felt culturally enriched after we visited the Wallace Collection. Sharon (aka Shaggers) is a friend from Melbourne, who's on her way back to Australia after living in England for about a year. The Wallace Collection is home to works such as the Laughing Cavalier and other things that an ignoramus such as myself would never have heard of.

Every time I go to an Italian restaurant or any kind of cafe in London I ask if they have chinotto. I am always met with a blank look. Surely you must have it, I say, Italy is just over there. I haven't had a fix of chinotto since I left Melbourne. (Romanelli - you have a lot to answer for.) I went to another Italian restaurant this evening, do you think they had chinotto? Like hell they did. Oh well, I guess I'll just have water.