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July 2001

Thursday, 5th July 2001.
Secret Valley

Hi kids!

There's an Australian sheila that works (or rather worked - she's just been transferred to another office) in my office who has "Waltzing Matilda" as the ring tone on her mobile.

Now of course it's just bloody awesome mate that a fair dinkum sheila can be dinky-di and have that as the ring tone on her mobile. Because not only is it a you-beaut Aussie tune, it's also the theme music from that Classic Australian Children's TV Show - Secret Valley!

I started singing the Secret Valley song the other day (I know a valley, I know a valley, my secret valley the world has to see) (sounds like Madonna's old mantra) (anyway...) (one place for children welcome from around the world, who'll come and share Secret Valley with me) and Tracie (for that is her name) said that she'd never heard of Secret Valley!

(apologies for the over-use of parentheses in the previous paragraph)

I was gobsmacked. I thought that every Australian child had seen Secret Valley!
"You must have heard of Spider McGlurk!" I said. Nope, she hasn't.

So, dear Australian readers, I Need To Know - am I alone in remembering Secret Valley? I saw it in the early 80s, when I was still in primary school, and it was on the ABC every afternoon. (It may have been on commercial tv before that.)

Share your Secret Valley memories with me people, there is a high degree of need here!

(Have I mentioned that my brother and I used to have Secret Valley t-shirts?)