an idiot in london

July 2001

Friday, 6th July 2001.
Hot water

This evening I went to a wedding reception out in Surrey. The happy couple (before they blew they're newly-wedded lids at the incompetent DJ) (then they were less happy) (then they drank more and forgot about it all, and they were happy again) were Andy and, err, whats-her-name. Andy's one of my trio of bosses.

Anyway, it was a warm evening. Lovely outside, but inside it was stinking hot. Why? Because the central heating was on throughout the building. Of course! And why was the central heating on? Apparently if they turned it off there was no hot water in the entire building. Nice.

At the reception itself there was an astonishing dearth of single women. To be precise, there were two. And it turned out one of them had a boyfriend.

But the highlight for many of Andy's work colleagues was the discovery that his nickname (amongst family members) is "Spud"!