an idiot in london

June 2001

Friday, 8th June 2001.
Update Again

Hi kids, it's been mental over here in old Blighty. My dedicated readers (hi Mum) would have noticed that I haven't updated the site in any shape or form for the last week. As hard as it is to imagine, I've been working hard. I've been typing flat-out all day every day for a week.

Added to this, my life has been strangely sane for the last fortnight. Well, there have been a couple of *ahem* indiscretions, but nothing y'all need to know about. (No Mum I'm not in trouble.) Sigh. I am expecting my usual ridiculous existence to recommence shortly, for reasons which could well become apparent next week.

So what's happening in London other than my unspectacular existence? Well Monkey-boy Blair was re-elected yesterday by the percentage of the local populace who could be bothered voting. (Honestly, we've elected some right drongoes in Australia, but at least they don't look like monkeys.)

Umm, I don't think anything else has been happening over here! Apparently the English soccer team beat another ordinary soccer team, which made the locals happy.

And finally, a picture I've lifted from The Sun website:

My question for the minister is this: does he think these puppies are real?

What's all that about? Well The Sun sent out three sheilas with informed views on politics, and let the readers decide on which one had the best tits.

(I think it was a Tory landslide.)

(she's the one in blue, by the way.)