an idiot in london

June 2001

Sunday, 17th June 2001.
Man directions

Memo to self: cease wearing all-blue baggy clothes. As I emerged this morning dressed in blue, Gareth (Noelle's cousin, aged umm 8!) asked me if I was wearing my pyjamas. Noelle said that she was wondering the same thing. Grrrreat.

We left after lunch. "We'll need directions on how to get out of here!" I pointed out helpfully.
"Well," Lynn started, "you turn left out of the driveway..." She continued to give me left-right-etc directions. I nodded with my usual blank expression on my face.
"Mel!" I whispered to Noelle's uncle when Lynn left the room, "can you give me some blokey directions please?"
"You mean navigation by pubs?"
"That's the ticket!"