an idiot in london

June 2001

Friday, 22nd June 2001.

Today was Noelle's last full day in London. After a hectic week of visiting rels and touring and getting sunburnt, it was almost time for Noelle to return to BC.

But not until we'd moseyed on out to Hampton Court Palace. Best-known as the palace that they advertise in every bloody tube station, Hampton Court Palace was acquired by Henry VIII in 1509, and he proceeded to blow a whole lotta dough on the joint. His plans for a poolroom were derailed by each of his wives, who insisted that a proper kitchen should be a priority, and that the chambers could do with a spot of paint. Henry mumbled something about women not understanding and that a man needs his space.

Anyway, these days the Palace is crammed with works of art (like me and Dave). One gallery consists entirely of portraits of society women from a few centuries ago. All the portraits had been done by the same painter, and both Dave and I commented that all the women had "take me to bed" eyes! Makes you think...was that just how things were back then? Or did this painter always portray women as such?

After a trip through the maze out the back and a brief frolic in the garden, we returned to Fulham. Noelle was dead keen on going out dancing. Disco Dave was mildly keen, and I wasn't too sure. Eventually we settled on going to "Havana", a club in Fulham.

The highlights of the evening? Well, there was one standout.

We'd been there for about an hour when I spotted Brendan! Who? Remember "The Couple"? My previous flatmates in Fulham? Well, Brendan was on the dancefloor, dancing with a girl who was Not Emily.

Later on he was dancing immediately behind Noelle. I pointed him out to her. She reckoned he wasn't bad looking, although I didn't ask for her opinion.
"Pinch his arse!" I said. Strangely enough, Noelle did so. He didn't seem to notice.
"I got a fair bit of wallet, and not a lot of ass!" Noelle reported. By this stage Brendan was getting fairly intimate with an ordinary-looking girl.

Then I was distracted by two girls kissing, and Brendan disappeared. Interesting.