an idiot in ontario

March 2001

Thursday, 8th March 2001.
Canadian food

It's my last morning in Madison. Everyone in the house was up early, but none earlier than Mike who was being interviewed on breakfast tv! Tara had to zip off to work, and her dad gave me a lift to the airport.

At the airport the woman at the check-in counter was an Australian! Well would you believe it! A Brisbane girl working in Madison! She married an American and next thing she knew she was slap-bang in the middle of Wisconsin.

Barb picked me up at the airport in Toronto. Barb? Camino Barb? Yes, that Barb.

Barb lives in Guelph, a town sorta west of Toronto. On the drive back to Guelph we saw a sign outside a diner: "CANADIAN FOOD". What is Canadian food? I asked. We couldn't think of any. Our quest: To find Canadian food!

(I guess we could've gone back to that diner, but that would've been too easy.)