an idiot in london


Saturday, 20th May.
Their One Day In September

It's not in September, but it's as close to the AFL Grand Final as the English get.

We went to Ravenscourt Park to meet up with Grant and co. The plan was this: Go to a pub and watch the FA Cup Final.

So we all went to the Prince of Wales, which is about ten metres from Grant's flat. I wore my Carlton jumper, and promptly had a Richmond supporter and two Collingwood supporters trying to bag me. That calm air of superiority kicked in and I had no trouble dealing with them.

After an uninspiring cup final, we adjourned to a nearby park for a bit of frisbee action. We were idly throwing the frisbee around when a drunk bloke stumbled up to me and just looked at me! I looked back at him, a little bemused. Eventually he said: "I didn't mean it, you know." I didn't know what to say, and he wandered off, looking back at me every few steps, until he was out of sight.

We had a game of frisbee footy, and we were using shoes for goals. While we were enjoying our well-earned half-time break, a girl who was with a group of others traipsing through the park wandered over to one of the goals and started making off with George's shoes! He had to run after her to retrieve his shoes. She then wandered down to the other end of the field and attempted to make off with one of Fridge's shoes! Just one, mind you. Now Fridge's nickname isn't a particularly clever one: he is well over six feet tall and not a slim man. The sight of him stalking towards her put the wind up her and she ran off, leaving his shoe in a tree. Weirdness!