an idiot in london

May 2001

Wednesday, 2nd May 2001.
The Internet

Today I visited the other planet-ian website, just for a laugh. And it made me wonder what I am contributing to the world-wide web.

Loads of self-indulgent waffle is the obvious answer. But other people have resources on their websites. Lyrics, news, stuff like that. How to build bombs. Pornography. Blimey, I'm letting the internet community down! What should I contribute, other than my undoubtedly witty views on current events and cultural observations?

Hmm, how about the lyrics to some Duran Duran songs? Nah, it's been done before. David Boon trivia? Hmm, again not original. Volvo owners manuals online? sigh Too much like hard work.

Ah bugger it, I'll stick with what I'm moderately good at.