an idiot in london

May 2001

Saturday, 12th May 2001.
The t-shirt

While I was in Victoria, B.C., I bought a t-shirt that declares "I LIKE CANADIAN GIRLS". The other day I was wearing it and I was asked if it had worked, i.e. had I managed to pull a Canadian girl as a result of my very subtle t-shirt. No, I replied sadly, in fact I'm thinking of getting a t-shirt made that just says "I LIKE GIRLS". Or maybe even "I'M NOT TOO FUSSY".

(actually that bit about not being fussy is a lie - ankles and teeth! Good ankles and good teeth - they're my pre-requisites, if you will. And of course someone with great teeth such as mine can afford to be fussy.)

Dave and I walked to Clapham today to watch the FA Cup final in a pub. (Of course, why else would we go to Clapham?) I met up with Grant The Richmond Supporter who introduced us to a few of the lads sitting near us. I was wearing my "I LIKE CANADIAN GIRLS" (0% success rate) t-shirt. The bloke nearest me gestured towards my t-shirt and said: "I'm not from Canada, I'm actually from New Jersey."
"It's alright mate," I said, "It's only the Canadian girls I'm interested in."