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May 2002

Wednesday, 8th May 2002.
Nudgewatch II

I received an email today from a Nudge Spotter.

Many of you will have read all the hoo-ha in the press of late regarding "our" Jack Thompson and that bloke from over-rated Australian This Life-wannabe series Secret Life of Us scoring roles in the new Star Wars film.

Well, they can't hold a candle to one Australian who is lending his vocal talent to "multiple characters in Episode II". Yes, it's Nudge.

Did Nudge insist on calling George Lucas "Mr Kelly"? Did he clean out the fridge in between takes? Did he turn up for breakfast uninvited?

More to the point, do his characters all sound like Nudge? Could you imagine?!

Where's my Logies invitation?

[Spotter's Badge goes to Ben Wheatley.]

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