an idiot in london


Monday, 27th November.
Fred From Fulham rides again! (look out SW6)

At long last, after four weeks of sleeping in hallways and living rooms all over London, I've found myself a room in a flat.

My new flatmates are called Brendon and Emily. They're English. Well, I'm not sure about Emily, I haven't actually met her yet. Should be interesting. And yes, it's in Fulham! Fabulous Fulham! Frenetic Fulham! Fatuous Fulham! Febrile Fulham! (sorry, that was just ridiculous.)

And it's not far from the Dawes Road Palace, so there could be more medical mayhem (good grief, sounds like I'm turning the DRP into a lightweight American sitcom, featuring the whacky antics of four mentally unhinged medical students) around the corner.