an idiot in london


Wednesday, 29th November.
I don't eat cats

Tonight I was the guest of Qantas and Rosenbluth for a night of French and Saunders. I was representing Logica, so I had to be on my best behaviour.

Dinner was at a tapas bar in Hammersmith, then we went to the French and Saunders show at the Hammersmith Apollo. The show was great blah blah blah, but the real fun happened at the tapas bar.

I was sitting between our corporate hosts, and sort of opposite me was a pair of blonde women from some other company. The louder one was going on about how she won't eat fish. It all stems from her father's obsession with keeping tropical and exotic fish in their family home. There were fishtanks everywhere, she said, in the living room, up the stairs, everywhere.

"Oh yeah," I deadpanned, "I understand completely. We used to have cats as pets, and I will never eat cat." The woman from Rosenbluth looked at me, then said, in all seriousness, "Well of course not. You don't see cat on the menu, so you wouldn't get to eat cat anyway."

The next words I spoke were "Thanks for the evening, Mark, it was very enjoyable. Bye!"