an idiot in london


Thursday, 30th November.

I think my new flatmates are prats.

First of all, they didn't tell me that they were a couple. I met Emily on Monday night, thought to myself "We seem to get along ok, and Brendan is an ok bloke, this could work out well." Then I returned to the Dawes Road Palace to collect some of my gear. I get back to Mirabel Road and Emily and Brendan are sitting next to each other on the couch. I thought to myself (because I never think to anyone else) "They're a little bit too cosy for flatmates..." then about half a second later I realised that they are an "item".

Well that's just brilliant. I wouldn't have even answered the ad if I knew that they were a couple.

They just sat there on the couch, and I felt like tits on a bull. (Not that I know what tits on a bull would feel like, it's a figure of speech.) Grrrrreat.

Secondly, Emily is one of those annoying almost-posh girls who swears a lot, yet doesn't realise how stupid she sounds when she's swearing.

So I figure I'll bitch and moan for a couple of months then move out when I go back to Australia. And then what? Well who knows...

(I certainly don't.)