an idiot in germany

October 2001

Monday, 8th October 2001.
The muscles from...

I arrived at Gare du Midi in Brussels early in the afternoon. At Gare du Midi they pride themselves on having no working telephones.

Now, why am I in Brussels? Y'all know why, I'm not going ot spell it out!

Bloody good thing I had an ulterior motive for visiting Brussels, because it's a wee bit dull. Which is a big call from a Tasmanian. Parlez vous franglais? Er no, didn't understand a bloody word. I visit the market place, and see the pissing kid. And that evening, the streets bursting with fat eurocrats, we wandered past a joint called "Fun City" with the rider, "over 21s only". There you go, you can only have fun if you're over 21.