an idiot in switzerland

October 2001

Sunday, 14th October 2001.
Lucerne II

extract from my journal entry for 14 October

Stay in bed til 8:45 - almost a sleep in! Adequate breakfast, then take bus into town. International Church of Luzern in Zahringerstrasse. NZ pastor. Doesn't take piss out of Australians. Cross over Spruerbrucke, buy lunch, then go to Lowenplatz - the Lion Monument. Stacks of 16yo Mexican/American girls. Strange. Then the Gletschergarten - glacier garden. Hall of mirrors was amazing!

Now about 3pm, took a round trip on the ferry to Zvieri and back. It's a beautiful day, many yachts etc on Lake Lucerne. Stack of Aussies get on the ferry at Zvieri. Strange woman standing next to me, making me nervous, free seats nearby. Moved on and hovered over someone else.

Quick, hide the Nazi gold!

town on the shore of Lake Lucerne