Round 14

Channel 7 have been wondering why Fish Cam on Channel 31 is out-rating everything Channel 7 put to air. I have discovered the reasons why. Those reasons, in no particular order, are:
a) 12:00 Movie: The Champ (1979) Ricky Schroeder and Faye Dunaway star.
b) 2:30 Ricki Lake: Surprise! You're About To Find Out...You're Getting Dumped.
c) 8:30 Football: Collingwood vs Port Adelaide.

There's only one thing worthy of note happening in football this weekend - Craig Bradley is notching up his 300th senior game for Carlton. So this week, instead of my usual ill-informed footy opinions, memories of a Tasmanian childhood, and Adelaide-bagging, I present a poetic tribute to Number 21.

Ball-winner Bradley
Seeks leather and delivers
Winter is a dream