Round 16

Fresh from having witnessed the debacle that was ManUre vs the Socceroos, I now have the pleasant task of casting my eye (the right eye, if you're interested) over the teams for Round 16 of the AFL.

Well it's getting kinda late in the afternoon, so instead of the usual rant, I'll just summarise the topics I would've covered:
- Malcolm Blight does something about his handicap
- Dockers players on drugs - just doing what the Weagles do
- Leigh Matthews turns into a nice guy (he was a thug, remember?) Look at the front page of the Herald-Sun - he's with his mum, isn't that heart-warming?
- John Elliott is a great Australian, and the NCA never proved anything

Get those tips in, folks. Tipping closes at 6:15pm because I'm off to see the Fighting Fury tonight. Just an appetiser before the Match Of The Round on Sunday between the Blues and the Bombers.

And to those North supporters - just get over it, will ya? (same goes to any Weagles supporters out there!)