Round 17


After the incident a couple of weeks ago at Waverley where I cut off Eddie McGuire in his Ford Explorer, I present another brush with fame. Well, a brush with pseudo-fame. On Friday night I sat behind a bloke who was a dead ringer for Daryl Eastlake. I was convinced it was him until half-time, when a kid in the little league took a screamer and "Daryl" didn't go loopy.

Tonight Melbourne host the Fallen Angels at the MCG. If the Sainters can't get over the line tonight they'll burn down Moorabbin. BYO marshmallows.

Essendon vs Kangaroos. This should be good. I can't believe I'm about to type this, but I wouldn't mind seeing the Dons get knocked off just to shut up that COMPLETE MORON AND HIS TOOTHLESS FAMILY that sat behind me on Sunday.

Bulldogs fans have broken open other people's piggy banks and scraped together the V-Line fare to get down to the Beautiful City Of Geelong. When they met earlier this season it was a ring-a-ding-dinger at Ring Ring Reserve. What will the return match at Petrol Park be like?

Sydney and Richmond. Eight wins each. Eight losses each. Gaspar is back for the Tiges (is anyone going to tell him about his hair?) and former Tiger Maxfield is back for the Bloods. It'll be worth a look on the telly on Saturday night (don't forget to tape The Bill at 8:30!) and if it's over by three-quarter-time you can change the channel and watch the Mick Molloy Show.

Fremantle and Port Adelaide. Sorry can't go I'm washing my hair.

The Very Knowledgeable Football Public of Adelaide has invited the Hawthorn Football Club across the border to play a football match at Football Park. Hawthorn have been very disappointing, but isn't it great to think that we'll have a finals series not blighted (ha ha what a great pun) by the Morons from the City Of Churches...aah yes.

The Woollongabba (I'll say it again, they should never have dispensed with the dog track) will be the venue for Brisbane vs the Weagles. Even if I didn't have a Much Much More Important game to attend, I still wouldn't waste the electricity by turning on the tv for this game.

The thrill isn't the same. I'm sure Collingwood supporters are thinking the same thing. It won't be long, though. The Woods will collect the wooden spoon, the concession draft choices and Josh Fraser. Then Tom Hafey will come out of retirement and coach them to a few Grand Final losses. Carlton vs Collingwood. THE traditional rivalry. I don't care where we are on the ladder, I'll still go mad. Mad, I tell you!

Tipping closes at 6:30pm tonight. Hope your team wins, unless your team is Essendon, North, the Weagles, the Dogs, Brisbane, Port Adelaide, St Kilda, Richmond, Sydney, Adelaide, Geelong, Melbourne, Hawthorn, Fremantle or the Very Evil Collingwood.