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September 2001
23: Berlin
24: Seedy
25: Enter UberTeenager
26: Leipzig
27: UberTeenagers
28: Dresden
29: Bastei
30: Snore 'n Burp



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September 2001.
Destination: confusion

Ian visits two countries that don't speak English - Germany and Scotland!

Ho ho!

Hmm. Didn't actually mention the Scottish adventure.

I drove up to Scotland, stayed with Martine and Mike (a pair of upstanding young Tasmanians) in Edinburgh, revived the legend of "The Gazelle", and hiked through Glen Nevis and up Ben Nevis. I discovered Fort William to be one of the dullest places on earth (big call from someone who grew up in a Tasmanian country town) and was gobsmacked by the phenomenal views across the Scottish Highlands from the peak of Ben Nevis.

And as for the myth that's propagated around England that Scotland is a wet and dreary place - complete rubbish! Scotland is a sunny country with a climate not unlike the Bahamas.