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July 2001

Thursday, 12th July 2001.
More Secret Valley

Since my call for help last week regarding Secret Valley, I've been inundated with emails. Very few of them have actually been about Secret Valley, I just get a lot of junk email.

However, one dedicated reader said that Simone Buchanan was one of the child stars of Secret Valley. Simone Buchanan? You mean the daughter from Hey Dad!? The one and the same. My informant pointed out that she's been in bugger all since. Wasn't she in Pacific Drive or something like that? Or was that a Simone Buchanan lookalike?

As you all know, I'm not one to put links on to other websites, lest you discover something more interesting on the internet. But staggeringly enough, there is a website dedicated to Simone Buchanan. And fair enough too, she's a grouse Aussie sheila. And she seems to have a fair following in Germany, where Hey Dad! was dubbed into German! Honest!

(wasn't she in the Henderson Kids as well? or was that just the son from Hey Dad!?)

Here's another tangent...whatever happened to Nudge? You know who I mean.

(Apologies to non-Australians reading this tosh, normal updates will be resumed soon, as soon as my thirst for Secret Valley related trivia has been quenched!)

Back to Secret Valley. Spider McGlurk has been spotted in Water Rats, Home & Away ( the poor bastard) and in a tv ad for ANZ.

Well looky here, I've found a cast list for Secret Valley:

"Secret Valley" (1980)[TV-Series]

Directed by
Terry Bourke
Howard Ruby

Writing credits
Terry Bourke (creator)

Credited cast overview:
Miles Buchanan
Simone Buchanan .... Jemma McCloud
Toby Churchill-Brown
Benita Collings (of Play School fame, before she started flashing her tits)
Max Cullen
Kelly Dingwall
Tom Farley
Vincent Gil
Dennis Grosvenor
Hugh Keays-Byrne
Michael McGlinchey

All thanks to the magic of Ah the internet, however did we waste time at work in days of old?