an idiot in germany

September 2001

Sunday, 30th September 2001.
Snore 'n Burp

There was a late arrival in the room last night, who kept me awake for half the night with his snoring! My snoring just hasn't been the same since my confidence took a battering courtesy of the Brazilians on the Camino last year.

When Snoring Man woke up this morning, what did he have for breakfast? A can of beer! Stella Artois, if I recall correctly.

I spent the day in Meissen, a small town near Dresden. I walked from the station to the town centre, and as I approached the bridge I noticed a small van driving towards me. A huge bloke was behind the wheel with his trashy girlfriend beside him. He had his arm hanging out the window. He was a hoon, of the German variety. I expected some dodgy German mullet-style rock to be booming from the stereo, but instead... Enya!

Enya - the choice of East German thugs.

Meissen is a beautiful little town, and is a popular Sunday afternoon destination for Germans. Just like Evandale is for Tasmanians! One of the attractions is the glockenspiel, which I must say is a bit poor! Oh well.

Back in Dresden I decided to drop by at the Kulturpalast and see if I could pick up a cheap ticket for the Dresdner Philharmonie. The lady at the ticket desk asked me if I'm a student. I said that I wasn't. She said that I looked like a student, and sells me a discount student stand-by ticket for DM20! That Tasmanian charm, eh?